In Memoriam:

Dr. A. G. Gaston


. . . Our prime need now is to prepare to accept the responsibilities of the advances we hare gained. Unless our gains are consolidated by prepared and qualified young men and women, in time it will bring on retrogression; not because of pressures from adversaries, but because of our own inability to hang on and accept our fair share for civic progress . . . Dr. A. G. Gaston, 1968
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It is with great sorrow that we report the passing of Dr. A. G. Gaston, founder and mentor of the A. G. Gaston Boys' and Girls' Club, on January 19, 1996. Dr. Gaston won his way by renovating, by recreating, by building - not from raw materials or inherited bankroll or privileged friendship, but from cast-off merchandise. Articles from the Birmingham News:


He took shoddy buildings and turned them by frugality and management into solid, useful places. He bought land which others had neglected and erected upon it a thriving business community. When investments tempting bankruptcy were thrown his way, he rightfully swam away with the bait.

The amusement of the game, the laborious fun which became a part of his life, are indicative of the spirit and drive felt by all whose lives have been touched by this man. Dr. Gaston was a legend in his own time.

 An honest reflection of the great respect he holds from his community is this excerpt from a citation presented by the prinicipal business leadership of Birmingham, Alabama:

"...The American dream is a society dedicated to free enterprise with equal opportunity for all men regardless of race or creed.

"Today, the Downtown Action Committee of Birmingham, Alabama, salutes one of its own members, Arthur George Gaston, a successful businessman whose determination and zeal have not only created successful businesses in the highest tradition of free enterprise, but who has paid his civic rent in the planning, motivation and program of the community and the state in which he lives.

"His accomplishments as a human being are an inspiration to all his fellow citizens, and are a living testimonial that there is a place in American society, and under the banner of American democracy, for every man who will invest his dreams and his energy in his own cause.

"Arthur Gaston's life is of interest because he "made it" and retained his digruty, his self-respect, and his love for his fellow citizens. Neither saint nor sinner, but as a man, and as an example for the coming generation, he has set his mark upon his own America."



A.G. Gaston's name appears in many local companies and organizations. :